Thursday, May 20, 2010

Flying at the bluff

One comment I've heard is that we need to have more flying events around the Twin Cities during the spring/summer. It would be nice to have regular fun fly events where we just get together and have fun with this great hobby.

There are a few things kite fliers have to contend with like sport events and city parks charging fees to use public grounds for events. But there are places to fly if we look around. If you know of a great place to fly please share it with us on the MKS website! Contact the club through the website or the board members and make suggestions. We all want to make the club better. Even if the club doesn't sponsor an official event we could put a fun fly on our calendar if you know a great place to fly.

Check our event calendar on the MKS website often for updates.

One place that I like to go fly is at Schaar's Bluff down by Hastings in the Spring Lake Park Reserve. It's a bit of a drive from the north end of the Twin Cities, but worth it. There are a couple of fields with good space for kite flying. On the weekends there are usually other kite fliers there too. Best of all there is the great view out over the Mississippi River.

The Solid Kite Flying club is out there regularly. Here is their schedule for flying at Schaar's Bluff.

Here is a map to Schaar's Bluff in the Spring Lake Park Reserve, Hastings, MN.


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