Saturday, April 17, 2010

So what is this blog stuff about?

Okay, so what is blogging and what is the purpose of this blog in particular?

Well, I don't know really. I'm just going to spew my ideas about both questions without really doing any fact checking or research. From what I've heard, that may be the definition of blogging.

This is my first time trying to write something for a blog. Really, I think a blog can be anything you want it to be. It can be a collection of articles, links to other things, music, pictures. Whatever it is that you want to share at a given time. Then people who read your stuff (people like you!) can add comments about those ideas which then can get more comments and all of a sudden you have an exchange of ideas going on. That's going to be my answer to "What is blogging?".

Next the purpose of this blog.

I'll start with a little background. Last summer (2009) I joined the Minnesota Kite Society (MKS) because I had started flying kites as a hobby and attended some of the flying events that were listed on the MKS website. Membership was only $20 and I thought that was a bargain to help the group keep hosting events. It's fun flying in the sport fields near my home, but it's more fun when you can find new places to fly and there are other people with the same interest flying too. All of the kite people I met were very nice, helpful and happy. I think flying kites and people being happy are connected somehow.

Back on topic... Late in the year I was asked to join the MKS board and I said yes. One of the things I can help with is the club website. I work in IT and have had some personal websites in the past so I agreed to help with the website. It's in need of updating and is currently being redone. Hope to launch the new site late spring 2010. Looking around at other club sites, some of them have blogs. It was an easy thing to add for the club so I created this blog. We'll see what it becomes and kinda wing it.

My hope is that any club member can and will contribute to the blog. If anyone wants to write an article or post a picture or link, contact me and I can get you setup as a contributor to the blog or send your content to me and I can add it to the blog.

I think we should have some guidelines/rules for this blog.
  1. This blog is family friendly. No cursing, no adult-only stuff.
  2. Should try to keep kiting or MKS at least loosely part of your topic.
  3. I'm not sure how to describe it other than keep your posts tasteful and respectful. Content that is deemed inappropriate for the site will be removed.
Like I said, I'm new to this blogging stuff. We'll see how it goes.

Please let me know if you want to contribute to this blog.

Thanks. Let's make this thing a useful part of the MKS website.


  1. You can also contribute by posting your comments on content. Same rules apply, keep your comments tasteful and respectful.

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