Saturday, July 31, 2010

Flying Colors Kite Festival!!!

It's back! The Minnesota Kite Society is hosting the Flying Colors Kite Festival this year!

My understanding is that its been a few years since the last one. I'm glad that the club is bringing it back. This will be my first Flying Colors to attend and what's cool is that this is also my first chance to help with putting on a festival.

First, here is the event information.

What:Flying Colors Kite Festival
Flying Colors is the Minnesota Kite Society's summer kite festival. There will be big kites, stunt kites, kid's kite making workshops, kid's kite flying competitions, a rokkaku kite battle and open flying for the public.

The festival is at the Valley View Middle School play fields on the Northwest corner of 90th Street and Portland Avenue South in Bloomington, MN.

For more information about Flying Colors and about the Minnesota Kite Society check out our website

Come Fly With Us!

When:Saturday, August 21, 2010
11am – 4pm
Where:Valley View Middle School Play Fields
8900 Portland Avenue South
Bloomington, MN 55420
Co-Chairs:John Kaulbars, phone 952-854-0985 or email
Ken Wilkowski, phone 763-536-8552 or email

This is going to be a blast! I love kite festivals! The sky is filled up full of colors and shapes, kids, young and old, are flying kites with big grins! Everyone come out and participate! Bring your family and friends and have your friends bring their friends. This is a big field, so we need help filling it up.

Just as a preview of the location, here is a link to the MKS pictures from the Bloomington Sister City this last spring. Flying Colors is happening on the same field.

Here are some links to pictures from past Flying Colors Festivals.
So everyone come out and lets have a great time at Flying Colors 2010! I'm looking forward to posting some really fun pictures from our event.

Oh, and just in case you didn't notice there are plans to have a Rokkau battle. These are a lot of fun. A Rokkaku is a 6 sided Japanese style kite that is used in kite battles. The object of the kite battle is to knock the other kites out of the sky by either tipping them so they hit the ground or by cutting your opponents line. Last kite in the sky wins. There are rules to ensure safety, no glass coated line or physical contact with other fliers. These are fun to participate in and fun to watch. MKS member Dean Murray participated in his first Rokkaku battle last fall at the American Kitefliers Association National Convention and with great skill (wink, wink, actually it was pure luck) won 2nd place. So here is your chance to challenge a nationally ranked Rok battler.

Anyway, instead of me rambling on why don't all of you leave comments to this blog entry. Tell us about your memories of Flying Colors past and/or what you like about kite festivals.

See you all on Saturday, August 21st!

-- Dean