Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Indoor Kiting

Last week on the TV show America's Got Talent there was an incredible display of indoor kite flying.

We would like to say, CONGRATULATIONS! to Connor Doran on his great performance. Connor is 17, a senior in high school graduating in 2011 and the son of AKA region 9 director Amy Doran. Be sure to tune in the Vegas show of America's Got Talent to cheer on Connor.

Since Connor's appearance on the show the MKS website has received some inquiries about indoor kiting and where to learn about it.  We've done some checking and have not found a lot of contacts here in Minnesota yet.

I've done some digging on the internet and would like to share what I've found so far.  If you know of some good resources for information about indoor kiting, please reply with some comments and share with us all.


To start with, here is Connor on America's Got Talent.

Connor Doran - Portland Audition for America's Got Talent

Here are more indoor kite demonstrations at this year's Kites Over Grinnell festival.

Indoor Kites Grinnell 2010

Here are some great indoor tricks.
Long Beach 2008 Hot Tricks
Penny Lingenfelter and Lam Haoc in a Hot Tricks contest.

The following are some articles from the online magazine, KiteLife about indoor flying.
Mike Reagan - Doin' It Indoors

KiteLife (Issue 1 April 1998)

KiteLife (Issue 2 May 1998)

KiteLife (Issue 3 June 1998)

Here is a document about how to make an inexpensive, easy indoor kite found on the Drachen Foundation website.

Making and Flying a Light Indoor Kite - by Charlie Sotich

Here are a couple of kite plans for indoor kites from the kiteplans.org website.


A video and some plans for the Borelli Glider. The plans may need to be translated to english.

 Kite Flying Indoors with the Borelli Glider

Plans for Borelli Glider

For information about Revolution kites (like the one Connor used) checkout KiteLife (http://www.kitelife.com/) and the Revolution website (http://www.revkites.com/).