Friday, October 13, 2023

Global Media Launch

Royal insider on what Princess Diana was really like
The daughter of the Queen's former press secretary has opened up about living in Kensington Palace, recalling her memorable encounters with Princess Diana.

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"The Legacy Of Princess Diana"!

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Princess Diana - Exposure for Licensee 

The International Launch Party Gala Event releasing the finished product to the world media and from then the licensee exposure is ongoing during the license period which includes:

  1. International social media
  2. Press releases 
  3. Publicist promoting the licensee product, brand or company or if it's a philanthropist stories about them
  4. Talk Back Show Stories
  5. Radio 
  6. Magazine Stories
  7. Editorial Stories - Newspapers 
  8. Online Website will be built exclusively promoting the licensee and of course the legacy of Diana project as well as setting up a link where people can donate directly to one of Diana's Charities that she supported or in the alternative a charity that both William and Harry support in relation to their mothers legacy.
  9. Full Time Publicist 

There will be other avenues as the project progresses.

This is all included in the one off licensee fee as well as the licensee having the right to use the finished product during the license period in any or all marketing they chose to personally do.

Also there will be no restrictions by us as long as the integrity of the product is at all times respected.

Richard Tong


Please look at this at the link below and you will understand what I mean!

I respectfully request two things:

1. Our discussions are private and confidential.

2. That in the event you are not interested in this project or not able to participate that you undertake to please delete all material sent to you and confirm via return email that this is what has been done!
In accordance with our discussions I irrefutably give you complete authority to utilise the material I supplied you regarding the Princess Diana Project to anyone you feel has the financial ability to secure this transaction.

Princess Diana Project

(The  Licensing Agreement)

So I would just like to be crystal clear on this matter!

This is a simple licensing agreement over a    12 month period for the entity to obtain global exposure for their product, brand as well as receiving the first naming rights in this exclusive humanitarian initiative involving the people's princess.

This project is not an investment as such except in the sense of creating exposure for the entity!

This is not a joint venture agreement!

This is not a partnership and certainly does not require a business plan it's simply a licensing agreement for 12 months from the completion of the updated bookends!

This has nothing to do with the major project nothing, hence why no other material is required except for the licensing agreement between the parties which we take care of once the initial fee of Euro 500,000 is paid in accordance with the material supplied to you!

The overall Humanitarian Project involving 200 countries is a seperate arrangement and does not form part of this current arrangement!

However, this project after this smaller project is finalised can be discussed and a potential partnership can take place as long as I secure the same agreement content and amount in that contract that I showed you.

The material supplied to you namely the media kit, the process of the project and launch party are self explanatory and this is why I respectfully recommend that you should have detailed knowledge of this project which can be obtained by reading and viewing the material or as stated I am here 24/7 to assist including speaking to any associated potential licensee.

I am happy to meet up with any of your partners if you wish to show them the product or in the alternative via Skype or Zoom whilst we are together.

The Euro $5 Million Dollars is a minor amount for the benefits obtained by the right group or entity / philanthropist could be indirectly associated with the royal family!

For example the sponsorship of the AFL in Victoria Football Finals for 3 hours only televised in Australia only was AUD $10 Million Dollars!

Qatar Government paid the Soccer Federation USD $ 1.2 Billion Dollars to host the finals in Qatar as well as spending an added USD $800,000 in infrastructure!

Just assume you going to take on a business lease for 12 months you sign an agreement / lease and pay your bond and lease payments that's it nothing more.

Anyway, I hope this explanation is clear and if you need my help I'm happy to assist anytime.

I am very keen in getting this deal finalised ASAP.

Thank you for reading this message!

Richard Tong

PS: In good faith with zero fee on your part if you are personally unable to do this deal however you are able to semi close this deal to an associate of yours I will also include in the updated bookends your ability to promote your company, brand or products.

It's important to remember that this is global exposure to your group for no outlay!!!!!

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